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Mastering Time Management and Accuracy in IELTS Reading

We welcome you to embark on a transformative journey towards success with Converse E+, where our ultimate focus is IELTS reading and how candidates can smartly strategize to utilize time effectively during the test. We specialize in guiding individuals in enhancing their communication abilities, addressing barriers, and providing practical tips and technological support. Our commitment to fostering successful communicators ensures a lifetime of intellectual, psychological, and social growth. Today's blog highlights the importance of mastering time management and accuracy for IELTS reading. The [...]


What is women empowerment?

What is women empowerment? This question still remains unanswered in several parts of India and other countries. In simple words, women empowerment is the process of giving women more rights than they presently enjoy. Empowerment not only allows women to equally participate in political issues but also in the economic sphere. In India, empowerment is definitely not on the backseat anymore, awareness about women rights have spread by leaps and bounds. Moreover, owing to efforts made by governmental organizations and various [...]