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What is Creating Communication Gap Nowadays?

In today’s world, communication gap has undoubtedly developed amongst family members and friends. Amongst other changes that modernization and technological advancements have brought, failure in communication is also one. Although it is perceived that with discovery of new machines, the communication amongst individuals must have improved, however, the opposite is true. Clearly, every person is nowadays occupied in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Youngsters and young adults are extremely self-obsessed and everybody’s motive is simply to [...]

Converse E+, Public Speaking

Significance of Public Speaking

Amongst other communication skills, public speaking is of sheer significance as it forms a major part of an individual’s personality. Public speaking skills comprise of confidence, precision and connection with the audience. Moreover, it includes interaction with the audience, clarity, engaging the audience and understanding the mindset of the listeners. Talking about the following video, it can be clearly witnessed that this trainee of Converse E+ is reflecting all the above mentioned skills. This video is from our 2-day communication skills [...]


What is women empowerment?

What is women empowerment? This question still remains unanswered in several parts of India and other countries. In simple words, women empowerment is the process of giving women more rights than they presently enjoy. Empowerment not only allows women to equally participate in political issues but also in the economic sphere. In India, empowerment is definitely not on the backseat anymore, awareness about women rights have spread by leaps and bounds. Moreover, owing to efforts made by governmental organizations and various [...]