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IELTS Essay model answer for 7 band score

Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. They believe that this is not only better for their own health but also benefits the world as a whole. Discuss this view and give your own opinion. SAMPLE ANSWER Dynamic of the society are changing dramatically where a section of masses abstain from consuming animal products. They ponder that, this trend not only paramount to attain a robust health regime but also play an instrumental role to deteriorate the cosmopolitan effects globally [...]

Converse E+

What is Creating Communication Gap Nowadays?

In today’s world, communication gap has undoubtedly developed amongst family members and friends. Amongst other changes that modernization and technological advancements have brought, failure in communication is also one. Although it is perceived that with discovery of new machines, the communication amongst individuals must have improved, however, the opposite is true. Clearly, every person is nowadays occupied in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Youngsters and young adults are extremely self-obsessed and everybody’s motive is simply to [...]