Our Vision

ConverseE+ is all about enhancing the communication skills in English and to take it a step ahead.

It was 4 years before when we realised that with the advent of the modern technology especially the smart phone and tablet,the verbal communication has almost come to a halt.

We reckoned it was time to give wings of communication skills and help the speakers and learners take off to a wider arena,be it personal or professional one. Moreover,it has been noticed that the hesitation to speak has ascended a lot among the youngsters.

We started our noble mission to spread quality education and to help learners to communicate. Over the last four years the journey has been extremely memorable one.

I still recall the gargantuan quantity of energy to learn,of our very first student, a housewife. It was a reward for us,the day she had spoken in English to a tourist!

We at Converse E+ are here to build confidence to communicate and develop a better personality.

The entire learning process is done through activities,games,Grammar classes,Group discussion,mock Interview,extempore,creative writing and many more. We make sure that when the learner has completed the course he/she is competent enough to speak confidently.