Dec 21 2019

Synergy 4

    Converse E+ maintained its monthly ritual of organizing meet-up of all its students from different
    batches. The SYNERGY 4 was held on 21st December at the institute at 6:30pm.

    It was a gathering of the basic English trainees of the institute as well as the IELTS students.

    The main purpose of the session was the distribution of mementos to the learners who successfully have completed their course at the institute. All the present and passed students of Converse E+ started arriving at the institute at the given timing.The most special visitors were Mrs.Paromita’s guests, also her decade-old friends, Mrs. Renu and her husband Mr. Neeraj Sharma.

    The founder of the institute, Mrs. Paromita, wanted these special people to present the accolades to the receivers. For the initial-half of the gathering, all the invitees conversed with each other about various intriguing topics such as the education system of our country and the current political scenario. Following this, beautiful wooden carved mementos were presented and photos were clicked.

    There were immense positivity during the entire session and everyone looked so rekindled by the time the meet-up progressed towards the end.

    The idea of appreciating  the students, for their efforts during the learning process, was undoubtedly motivating and worthy. Lastly, snacks were served and music was played to add some and entertainment especially celebrating Christmas.. Admittedly, everyone enjoyed the evening and made some beautiful memories.