Sep 29 2019

Synergy 3

    The monthly event of Converse E+, SYNERGY 3, was held on 29th September at the Taj City Centre, Gurugram.spoken english, soft skills, personality development

    All the students were summoned for this interactive and fun-filled session. Most of the learners reached at the venue on time, except few who had joined later. The learners were asked to gather in the waiting area, from there, they proceeded towards the restaurant Culina 44 and took their respective seats.

    The founder and trainer, Mrs. Paromita Dutta, joined a few moments later with a broad smile on her face. She created a beautiful aura the minute she initiated the event. The session started with an intriguing word game, Scrabble, which was not only brain-storming for all the learners but also amusing. All the members were divided into 5 pairs, provided 7 tiles of different alphabets each, and were supposed to form words using the tiles. While some players presented their words swiftly, others took longer. Moreover, few funny words were also formed which made everyone giggle. Meanwhile, Mrs. Paromita went live on Instagram so that she could share her joy with friends and family as she was overwhelmed when she saw her learners interacting. Following this, there was another amazing activity which was curated solely by the mentor. The learners were asked to write letters to each-other and bring along with them in order to read during the session.

    The sole purpose of this activity was to take them back to the era of letter writing for some time. All of them laughed heartedly when few funny letters were being read. Even though some students are still learning the basic level of English each letter was impressive and unique. However, the best letters were undoubtedly written by the youngest members of the institute, Yashi and Shivi ( Grade IX and X students). Simultaneously, all of them devoured the delectable snacks served by the diligent staff at the restaurant. Furthermore, they had an arguable discussion on various interesting topics such as ` Do scores determine intelligence?’. At last, photographs were clicked to capture these moments forever. This one-hour session was too short but spectacular. It was a justifiable utilization of a Sunday afternoon.

    Spoken English, Soft Skills, Personality Development, IELTS, Corporate Training, Gurgaon
    Spoken English, Personality Dvelopment, Soft Skills, Gurgaon, Dhanbad
    Spoken English, Soft Skills, Personality Dvelopment, IELTS, Gurgaon, Dhanbad, Ranchi