Aug 25 2019

Synergy 2

  • 11:00 AM

25 thof August, a sultry and oppressive day it was. In midst of the morning the event SYNERGY 2 was scheduled. The second session was meticulously planned to be dedicated to the diligent, ingenuous and the very first learners of this training organisation-Ms Ritu Saxena and Ms Kavitha Singh. The session started with an interactive chat hosted by Ms Puja Bhatnagar, the online trainer of Converse E+ where she asked each learner to weave a speech connected to a word which they find in the previous learner’s speech. It was intriguing for the learners and they were found to be ebullient while they juggled with the words, could see that the sultry weather could not take away their exuberance. As the Founder and the mentor, I wanted to make sure about their regulation of the vocabulary. Hence the next in the agenda was a round of the game -SCRABBLE. It was totally captivating watching each one of them engrossed in finding
the best possible words in their mind and memory. The room filled with whispers, giggles and cheers while they once again played with words, this time as a board game though. We had got engraved wooden mementos for the learners Ritu and Kavitha, Converse E+ trying to be a part of the zero waste and plastic free revolution at the
same time. The mementos were handed over to them with the acknowledgement about their sincerity, hard work and the efforts they had put in every day. Just like how SYNERGY 1 had been concluded, this session too came to an end with capturing the precious moments with revered learners of Converse E+ followed by refreshments.

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