Jul 21 2019

Synergy 1

  • 11:00 AM

SYNERGY 1, the much awaited jamboree and the first ever of its kind,was organised by Converse E+ institute on 21 st July 2019.

Mrs Paromita Dutta, the Founder and a dedicated mentor of this renowned training organisation,
was behind this genius idea of conducting SYNERGY 1 event.
SYNERGY 1 was the ultimate platform to assemble all aspirants and learners of the academy
under one roof to interact and communicate with one another. This event witnessed a great
number of attendees from different professions and positions who connected to each other instantly.
They conversed, shared their pieces of experience and knowledge in an impressive and rational
manner. The gathering was also loaded with various sessions of self-introduction, different tasks and activities. The participants were so energetic and confident that they did not hesitate to speak in front of the live camera. They expressed their views about their journey in Converse E+ and highlighted the fact that this is an ideal training academy that “Build Confidence to Communicate ”. There was also a photo session as the memoir of this event. In the end everybody was treated with refreshment.
There was fun, amusement, interaction, learning, tasks everything in this get-together and SYNERGY 1 was successful in its ultimate goal. The event concluded with a note to meet again next month with same high spirits.

Converse E+
Spoken English, Personality Development, IELTS, Soft Skills, Dhanbad, Kolkata, Gurgaon