Dec 02 2019

Seminar : Pemiya rishikesh institute of technology (Topchanchi, Dhanbad)

    After a research and a survey for a few days, Converse E + found out the real situation faced by the students in engineering colleges located away from the big cities.

    In spite of the best faculty, management and their good CGPA score,they find it difficult to cross the hurdle of the interviews conducted during the campus recruitment.

    The Operations Head,Mr. Shantanu Dutta and his Digital Marketing strategist, Suraj Rajput were invited over by the management of Pemiya Rishikesh Institute of Technology to provide the students with the required skills ie. Soft Skills to help them a smooth sail. These students are diligent and they know exactly what is required to get a job or step out of their small town for a better life. All they did not have all this while was a mentor. Mr. Shantanu Dutta chose to mentor these students in these remote locations and has also indulged in connecting them to recruitment procedures.

    Every step of these Soft Skills training sessions include Communications Skills, Personality Development, Leadership Skills, Business Communication etc.

    We the team Converse E+ would like to reach more students and professionals and help them according to their exact requirements.