Nov 25 2019

Seminar : K. K. College Of Engineering & Management ( Dhanbad )

    On 25/11/2019 the Operations Head of Converse E+, Mr. Shantanu Dutta, addressed nearly 100 students and few faculty of the K K Engineering College in Dhanbad in a seminar organised by Converse E+.

    It was clearly found that though the students are proficient enough for their respective specialised engineering subject,yet they cannot jump the barrier during the interviews. The seminar was organised to raise awareness among them about the enhancement of Soft Skills and Personality development.

    Time and again they were reminded that unless they improve the Soft Skills, they will not be able to stand firmly in the corporate world. The students stayed engrossed listening to what the Operations Head spoke to them. They also responded very well to the several practical examples Mr.Dutta shared with them. At the end of the seminar they shared their valuable feedback and announced the session to be extremely effective.

    Seminar on kk college Dhanbad
    Converse E+