Aug 29 2019

Secure Meters : Corporate Training

    Secure Meters was the first company to introduce electronic energy meters in India in the late eighties. Sustained accuracy, high quality and features that helped revenue protection were a hallmark of the products from Secure Meters. These enabled Indian utilities to reduce their commercial losses and improve energy management.
    Secure is an Indian multi-national and a privately-owned business with operations in India, UK, Australia, Sweden, and the Middle East. The organisation also has two manufacturing partnerships in Malaysia and Ghana, which have enabled to contribute to the swiftly emerging and major markets of Africa and Southeast Asia.
    There are competent high profiled professionals in the corporate, head office and the branches. They know how to deal with the clients. Their high yielding performance to fetch business deals for the organisation is commendable and unquestionable. The management decided that these amazing accomplishments can become better than outstanding if the executives receive mentoring of Communication skills. Hence, a 3 days training session of Communication Skills was conducted in the Corporate office of Secure Meters in Gurgaon.

    The training session included different lessons of Communication Skills which were less theoretical and more of activities based. They were taught about

    1.Sentence structure
    2.Word meanings
    3.New word search
    4. Reading and Listening skills
    5. Role play: A journalist taking an interview of the Principal of a school which has won an award.
    Each member had to play the role of an anchor of the organisation’s annual function.
    6. Extempore Speech: What if you get to sit in a time machine, which year would you like to visit (past or future)
    Tourism is an ever-growing industry.
    7. Debate: Science-a curse or a boon.
    Citizens who do not vote should pay a fine.
    8. Group Discussion: a college degree is essential for a good job.
    As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom
    9. Story weaving: As Ronit pushed the door of Mr. Arora’s cabin………………………………………………..
    10. Musical: Summer Holidays by Cliff Richard.


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Spoken English, Personality Development, Soft Skills

    Day 3

    Sharp and smart Communication skills are always the top priority, which has been repeatedly mentioned every now and then. It definitely is not a lesson which can be learnt and executed at the drop of a hat. It has been clearly noticed that the professionals are confined to their thought process which are connected to their respective work place. They cannot think beyond the project or the job profile. Yes, they are the best performers, multitaskers and great achievers too which they have proved by exhibiting outstanding qualities of involvement in learning and participating. The 3 days session was enriching for the executives and was rejuvenating for me.