Oct 11 2019

Rejuvenate : Workshop in Taj City centre ( Gurgaon )


    On 7th November Converse E+ conducted a rekindling workshop for the would-be managers of the opulent Taj City Centre hotel, Gurgaon. It was a two hours session and comprised of 12 trainees. The session constituted of various interesting activities such as

    1. Synonym and Antonym game
    2. Word search
    3. Group discussion: Importance of communication skills.
    4. Debate: Credit cards do more harm than good.
    5. Role Play
    6. Edit sentences
    7. Musical

    The module which the trainees enjoyed the most was the Role Play. This activity consisted of the trainees playing several roles such as a teacher, a student , a landlord, a tenant. Not only was this activity academically helpful but also increased interaction amongst the trainees. Another beneficial module was correcting the errors in the sentences wherein they also effectively polished their basic English skills, precisely Tenses, Articles and Preposition. Towards the end of the session the trainees were asked to write the lyrics of the song that was being played, resultantly the learners were able to successfully assess their English listening skills.

    In a nutshell, as the name suggests, this session enhanced Communication skills of the trainees, as well as rejuvenated their soul and mind respectively.