Oct 19 2019

Diwali Celebrate

    What a day it was at Converse E+ on 19th October! All the present and past students were invited for a gathering by everyone’s dearest Paromita Ma’am. The occasion was of course Diwali, as this much-celebrated festival was around the corner. And the most spellbinding part about this get-together was that it was a potluck evening party. Everyone was so excited the moment this idea was shared in the WhatsApp group by Mrs. Paromita. Subsequently, all the learners started sharing their ideas and the food items that they could prepare. Eventually the day arrived and everyone gathered at sharp 6pm in the institute. Inevitably the smiles broadened as every learner was welcomed cheerfully by our beloved teacher herself. The cherry on the cake was when a little guest joined us, 2 years old daughter of one of the learners, Mr. Anuj. She was so adorable that nobody could resist holding her in arms and playing with her. Finally, all the learners placed their food boxes on the center table and briefed about the dish they had prepared. This culminated into a table full of dishes of different cuisines and a group of learners from different regions of India. Few minutes later, everyone sat with a plate full of delectable food and a mind full of endless gossips. This session of eating and gossiping perpetuated for nearly an hour and witnessed giggles as well as deep laugh at the same time. Since it was more of a personal meet-up, each individual showed his/her notorious side to our Paromita Ma’am, leaving her awestruck. Although all the food preparations were undoubtedly palatable, chocolates prepared by  one of the learner Ms Anjali was the show stopper. Lastly, the students started to leave after polishing off their plates and satisfying their appetite with food as well as gossips, not forgetting to wish each other a Happy Diwali. Certainly, what a day it was!