Our Projects

Oct 21 2109

    Secure Meters : Corporate Training ( Udaipur )

    Secure Meters is an Indian multi-national and privately-owned organization with its corporate office in Gurgaon and branches located in various cities across the country. In the month of August, 3days training session was held at the corporate office of Secure Meters in Gurgaon with the motive of enhancing communication skills. After this successful session at the corporate office, Converse E+ was approached to organize a similar session in their Udaipur branch. The trainees at the Udaipur branch are engineers by [...]

    Oct 19 2019

      Diwali Celebrate

      What a day it was at Converse E+ on 19th October! All the present and past students were invited for a gathering by everyone’s dearest Paromita Ma’am. The occasion was of course Diwali, as this much-celebrated festival was around the corner. And the most spellbinding part about this get-together was that it was a potluck evening party. Everyone was so excited the moment this idea was shared in the WhatsApp group by Mrs. Paromita. Subsequently, all the learners started [...]

      Oct 11 2019

        Rejuvenate : Workshop in Taj City centre ( Gurgaon )

        REJUVENATE On 7th November Converse E+ conducted a rekindling workshop for the would-be managers of the opulent Taj City Centre hotel, Gurgaon. It was a two hours session and comprised of 12 trainees. The session constituted of various interesting activities such as Synonym and Antonym game Word search Group discussion: Importance of communication skills. Debate: Credit cards do more harm than good. Role Play Edit sentences Musical The module which the trainees enjoyed the most was the Role Play. This activity consisted of the trainees playing several roles [...]

        Sep 29 2019

          Synergy 3

          The monthly event of Converse E+, SYNERGY 3, was held on 29th September at the Taj City Centre, Gurugram. All the students were summoned for this interactive and fun-filled session. Most of the learners reached at the venue on time, except few who had joined later. The learners were asked to gather in the waiting area, from there, they proceeded towards the restaurant Culina 44 and took their respective seats. The founder and trainer, Mrs. Paromita Dutta, joined a few moments [...]

          Aug 29 2019

            Secure Meters : Corporate Training

            Secure Meters was the first company to introduce electronic energy meters in India in the late eighties. Sustained accuracy, high quality and features that helped revenue protection were a hallmark of the products from Secure Meters. These enabled Indian utilities to reduce their commercial losses and improve energy management. Secure is an Indian multi-national and a privately-owned business with operations in India, UK, Australia, Sweden, and the Middle East. The organisation also has two manufacturing partnerships in Malaysia and Ghana, [...]

            Aug 25 2019
            • 11:00 AM

            Synergy 2

            25 thof August, a sultry and oppressive day it was. In midst of the morning the event SYNERGY 2 was scheduled. The second session was meticulously planned to be dedicated to the diligent, ingenuous and the very first learners of this training organisation-Ms Ritu Saxena and Ms Kavitha Singh. The session started with an interactive chat hosted by Ms Puja Bhatnagar, the online trainer of Converse E+ where she asked each learner to weave a speech connected to [...]

            Jul 21 2019
            • 11:00 AM

            Synergy 1

            SYNERGY 1, the much awaited jamboree and the first ever of its kind,was organised by Converse E+ institute on 21 st July 2019. Mrs Paromita Dutta, the Founder and a dedicated mentor of this renowned training organisation, was behind this genius idea of conducting SYNERGY 1 event. SYNERGY 1 was the ultimate platform to assemble all aspirants and learners of the academy under one roof to interact and communicate with one another. This event witnessed a great number of attendees from different professions and [...]