Spoken English

Just like other practical skills, “Spoken English” too is a practical skill which can only be learnt by practice and not by reading books or attending some classroom lectures!

This programme is a boon for those who don’t know English at all & also for those who know to it well or even little because the programme has been divided into various levels (so one can start from a scratch or even from the advance level) & is conducted on 1-to-1 basis where the learner has to talk with trainer on various discussion topics and role-plays situations. During the interaction the trainer corrects & guides the learner in framing a sentence using the correct grammar (also explaining the grammar concept for better clarity).With practice and daily interactions there is a great scope of enhancing the vocabulary which is always our problem while speaking. It’s worth mentioning that due to the practical training (daily interactions) the learner is able to overcome his/her hesitation to speak in English effortlessly and feels a boost in his/her confidence level. The supporting study material (Video tutorials, pictorial vocabulary& expressions) too prove to be a great combination to the practical training giving us unimaginably fast results! We are the best institute for spoken English its not we say its you say when you attend our classes

Benefits of our interactive English speaking classes

  • Speak fluently in english
  • Confidence in yourself
  • Build your Confidence to Communicate with anyone
  • Clarity in your daily conversations at work and at play
  • Writing skills for emails and social media chats