Personality Development

Mostly people presume personality solely as physical appearance of an individual. However, it comprises of thought patterns, confidence level, behaviour, communication skills and a healthy physique.

Personality development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talent and potential and basically improve the quality of life. Most importantly, it cannot be achieved only by self-help, rather it requires professional training and technical help. Moreover, it is an on-going process that doesn’t stop at specific age, instead it perpetuates. Admittedly, personality development program is a significant part of our curriculum at the institute and we strive to help our learners to develop their personality.

Learning Content

      • Introduction to Personality and working towards developing it
      • Definition & Basics of personality
      • Analyzing strength & weaknesses
      • Corporate theories on personality Development
      • Increasing Vocabulary
      • Body Language
      • Preparation of Self Introduction

Changing Your Personality

        • Can personalities change?
        • Being yourself, being adaptable
        • Positive attitude
        • Individuality
        • Controlling emotions