What is creating communication gap nowadays

In today’s world, communication gap has undoubtedly developed amongst family members and friends.Amongst other changes that modernization and technological advancements have brought, failure in communication is also one.

Although it is perceived that with discovery of new machines, the communication amongst individuals must have improved, however, the opposite is true. Clearly, every person is nowadays occupied in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.Youngsters and young adults are extremely self-obsessed and everybody’s motive is simply to upload photographs of their life events on these websites in order to portray that they are living a wonderful life.Moreover, media companies upload numerous videos and photos of famous personalities, which go viral as everyone tracks the lives of these celebrities on these social applications. Additionally, digital
media applications such as Netflix and Amazon make people stick their eyes on their television and mobile screens rather than conversing with near and dear ones. Furthermore, nowadays with increased competition, everyone is running against the time and struggling to secure their jobs. Also. In modern world, it can be witnessed that every person has become money-minded and materialistic as luxurious lifestyle is the sole aim of people instead of spending time with their family or friends. Thus, these are the activities which keep everyone busy and have become the reasons which have culminated into the scenario where nobody maintains proper communication with each-other