Importance of The Habit of Reading

Internationally acclaimed writer Stephen King has said, ‘Books are uniquely portable magic.’ And rightly so, whether it is for academic purpose or just to get information, reading is imperative if you wish to enhance your skill sets. Even the practical subjects involve at least some theoretical portions, which need to be read and understood. Which again means that reading is must irrespective of which field you belong to. And so is the case if you are preparing for any competitive exam [...]


How Debate Helps in Communication Skill Development

Language is said to be one of the best creations of human beings because without it, we would have been crippled in the matter of getting our messages across. But only learning the language is not enough. A person needs to acquire the skill of communication so that the multiple meanings don’t create any ambiguity while conversing. It is already well-known that a slight change in the pronunciation, phrasing and a lot of other factors can change the message drastically. [...]


Turn Your Career Through English Communication

In the present day and age, English language is only getting bigger in its reach across the globe and maintaining its strong-hold on being the international language. This is why, irrespective of which field you work in, your chances of climbing the success ladder increase according to your English language fluency level. This is because, in the present age of globalized world, almost all the businesses have a lot of such functions which need English language skills of varying degrees. [...]