IELTS model letter for 7 band score

You would like to buy some electrical goods at a shop in a nearby town.

Write a letter to the shop and ask if they have the things you want or whether they will be able to order them. Ask what the prices are and how long they will be able to hold the goods for you.

Dear Sir ,

I am writing this letter to enquire about the availability of electrical equipments which I require for my newly purchased apartment .I have been working as a software engineer in Pune , since 2018. Most of the details of these units are available on the website, nonetheless I have certain queries.

I need a dishwasher , three LED screens , four air conditioners. Besides, I also require twenty LED lights . Although numerous departmental stores have been selling these products in the vicinity , yet I am looking forward to purchasing the above mentioned goods from your renowned store as one of my acquaintance often speaks high about your products and after sale services .Considering this , would you please let me know, are these above mentioned gadgets currently available ? If yes , please apprise me accordingly so I could go ahead with procurement of these appliances.

Additionally , kindly share the relevant quotations , prices of goods along with contemporary discount schemes. Furthermore, I am planning to move in my apartment next week. Ergo, would you please be able to hold these items for next 7 days ? I would be pleased if you could let me know at the earliest .

Looking forward for your reply .

Yours Sincerely