IELTS letter model answer for 7 band score

Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. They believe that this is not only better for their own health but also benefits the world as a whole.

Discuss this view and give your own opinion.

Dynamic of the society are changing dramatically where a section of masses abstain from consuming animal products. They ponder that, this trend not only paramount to attain a robust health regime but also play an instrumental role to deteriorate the cosmopolitan effects globally . I absolutely agree with this notion as this approach is a boon for the society. The following paragraphs would shed more light on aforesaid phenomenon along with apt examples.

To ring up a curtain , the graph of various hazardous diseases like - Obesity and Cancer have been ascending steeply , since people gravitate more towards animal products. Subsequently, by adopting a vegan lifestyle citizens are being capable to combat this colossal health challenges more vigorously. The U.S.A is a classic example of this , where the count of vegetarian population is expanding annually. Moving forward , a recent study has been published by Times Magazine which reveals that , individuals who prefer to eat vegetarian products are more healthy in comparison to masses who prefer non-vegetation stuff. Consequently, people worldwide are attracted by vegetarian food to achieve a strong health regime.

In addition , consumption of meat and fish certainly has some environmental consequences . Farming livestock is one the major causes of green house gas emissions . Considering this , if we reduce the consumption of animal products , unarguably we could alleviate the level of pollution . Furthermore , although numerous sustainable steps are being taken by bureaucrats to establish healthy eco - system globally , yet vegetarian people play an imperative role to attain equilibrium in mother nature . For instance - some species of fish have already become extinct and some are endangered . Ergo , to mitigate the over consumption of sea food , vegan lifestyle would definitely serve the purpose.

To recapitulate , it is irrefutable to assert that , it has become a need of the hour to establish balance in food supply chain . vegetarian life style not only play an indispensable role to keep ourselves fit and healthy but also ensure the survival of various rare species .