IELTS Essay model answer for 7 band score

IELTS Essay model answer for 7 band score

The development of tourism contributes to English becoming the most prominent language in the world. Some people think that this will lead to English becoming the only language to be spoken globally.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one language in the world?

Model answer: As tourism has become widespread, it has attributed to English becoming the most notable language worldwide. A part of population claims that this will result in English becoming the sole language to be spoken across the globe. The pros and cons of one language being spoken across the world will be discussed in the following essay.
First and foremost, this trend can offer multiple benefits to individuals who travel. Evidently, during trips to other parts of the same country, a person faces difficulties in explaining oneself owing to language barriers. With single spoken language, people can heave a sigh of relief during travels. Moreover, learning multiple languages will not be on the to-do list anymore. For instance, residents of India who secure a job in France, have to overcome the hurdle of learning French before emigrating. Even though they acquire a job based on their qualifications, they might lose it later due to language barrier. Thus, this developement can provide multiple advantages to everyone.

However, this situation can also evoke various drawbacks. The newer generations tend to drift away from their culture because regional language not only keeps an individual connected to his region, but also to other natives. For instance, Sikh families who do not speak Punjabi(their regional language), are often less attached to their culture as they rarely communicate to their elders or natives who can share their knowledge with them. Admittedly, this occurence tend to arouse disadvantages as well.

To conclude, if only English will be spoken across the world, it will create certain advantages as well as disadvantages. While it can ease travelling for some, it can also make them apart from their culture.

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