Diary entry “What a lovely day it was today, ironically.

Diary entry “What a lovely day it was today, ironically.

The government had announced the total lockdown of the country and this was for the first time in my existence, I was seeing such a scenario.
To brief you on this,

WHO marked COVID-19 as a pandemic. It's a deadly virus that belongs to a family of FLU. It originated somewhere in china and from Dec'19, measures are being taken to contain it.

People are dismayed and living in fear as it's a deadly virus with no cure or vaccine.
To stop community spread, govt requested everyone to be home and spend time with family until the situation is under control.

People are concerned about their family members. I am amazed to see the dedication of our health departments towards curbing this pandemic and working day and night for the noble cause.

I am seriously lucky that I got work from home facility and got some time to think about my life and spend some leisure time with my family.

Today, Planet Earth was in its best of her form. No humans in the rat race. Flowers getting fresh air, animals feeling wow we can roam freely.

It's so nice to view this and see how beautiful our planet is. We got time to stop and cherish the beauty of nature and for one day we can calm our mind and just think of nothing. No household responsibilities, no doctor's appointment, no work-related things, no family issues, in short, no existential issues.
This kind of life, I believe has god thought of and given us when we first started.

Although technological advancements are necessary, this teaches us that we should also relax and give some time to enjoy our short life span of 80-90 years.

I felt this lockdown should be practiced every year when we can give the control of the earth to the rich diversity of flora and fauna and let them feel that this day is there's. Also, this will help Earth in rebuilding herself a little.”

-Arvind Kumar(student)

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