Tourism is an ever growing industry

Tourism is an ever growing industry

It is this industry which generatesmultiple job opportunities for local dwellers and wealth for the host country.

The capital collected fromtourism can be utilized by developing countries for the betterment of their nation as well as to maintaintheir tourist places.

This industry is expanding because it does not require much investment, instead it only needs adequate maintenance of
tourist places and advertisement for promotion of tourism.

Take India for instance, we witness numerous tourists in our country solely because there are multiple historical buildings across the country which were built by emperors in ancient times.

However, the Indian government spends only a portion of the money made from tourism on maintenance. Clearly, this industry majorly contributes in the growth of economy of a host country as funds gathered from tourism can be utilized in development in other sectors. Moreover, as mentioned above, it generates job opportunities for capable individuals.

While some secure a government job entirely associated with tourist spots, others get employed in related sectors such as transport and hospitality. Lastly, it is this  industry that plays a major role in cultural exchange amongst countries.

Travellers tend to learn about the customs of the country they visit, and in turn, they usually teach few things about their culture to the people they meet during their trip. Thus, owing to the positive aspects of tourism, it is expanding swiftly throughout the globe.

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