Interview Skills

Interview Skills

Nowadays, showing to high level of competition amongst job aspirants and increasing unemployment, securing a job successfully has become a challenge.
Specifically in developing regions of our country, young adults fail to get employed despite pursuing fancy degrees. What is the main cause of this trend? Undoubtedly, thus is an occurrence because even though every individual is gathering education, only few people possess soft skills as well.

Most organizations look for soft skills in an interviewee, and through interview questions it is very easy for interviewers to find out if the candidate has soft skills or not. However, these skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, team-work, leadership, etc can be effectively learnt through professional training. Considering the current scenario, the head, Mr. Shantanu Dutta has started a training program at a college in a small town. His sole aim is to not only polish the personality of these final year engineering students, but also that they get employed as soon as they step out of the college. Mr. Shantanu says, “These students are extremely talented and excel in their studies, but lack the basic requirements of cracking an interview.” When he went for an introductory session at this institute, he realized that students were extraordinary, they just required a little guidance to help them outstand. Thus, he started sessions in order to enable such people to polish
their personality and improvise soft skills.

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