IELTS stands for International English Testing System

IELTS stands for International English Testing System

IELTS stands for International English Testing System. It is an international standard test to judge the proficiency in the English language for non-native English language speakers who wish to emigrate to a country where English is the first language.

This examination has become widely popular in the last fewyears as several youngsters are moving to western countries..

Since this examination is quite prevalent,its preparation is of utmost importance as it not only includes improving one’s English proficiency butalso being clear about the concept of the exam. One of our learners shared his experience of appearingin the IELTS exam.

After his first attempt, he realized that even though he was efficient in English, hecould not get the desired score. In the second attempt, he concentrated on understanding theguidelines of the examination alongwith polishing his speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.Admittedly, IELTS aspirants should enroll themselves at IELTS training institutes in order to practice for the exam and also gather information about the do’s and don’ts from experienced trainers.

Nowadays, people mostly fail at achieving required bands in one or the other module either due to lack of awareness of the guidelines of the test or wrong information about the exam.

For instance, simple yet variant vocabulary should be used in the writing section, however people assume that usage of excessively high vocabulary would fetch them better score. Likewise, some individuals try to speak in an unusual accent during the speaking section so that they can impress the examiner and score high.

These are few amongst many other misconceptions that IELTS test-takers exhibit as they do not receiveadequate guidance about the requirements of the exam. Converse E+ is the right place for all the people who plan to take IELTS in near future and wish to receive appropriate counselling

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