Significance of Public Speaking

Converse E+, Public Speaking

Significance of Public Speaking

Amongst other communication skills, public speaking is of sheer significance as it forms a major part of an individual’s personality.

Public speaking skills comprise of confidence, precision and connection with the audience. Moreover, it includes interaction with the audience, clarity, engaging the audience and understanding the mindset of the listeners. Talking about the following video, it can be clearly witnessed that this trainee of Converse E+ is reflecting all the above mentioned skills.

This video is from our 2-day communication skills workshop conducted at the head office of the renowned company:-Secure Meters, Udaipur. He certainly shows immense confidence throughout the speech, which seems to be his strong point. Furthermore, he is quite interactive with his audience, which is of utmost importance during public speaking. Considering other public speaking skills, it can be appreciated that the speaker is clearly expressing his ideas, precisely talking to his audience and engaging the listeners efficiently. Isn’t he outstanding? Definitely, he is an ideal public speaker and the cherry on the cake is that he is humorous as well. As it is said, if humour is used correctly, it can entertain and enlighten the listeners and the message can be absorbed better. Likewise, this trainee of our institute has successfully included humour in his speech to reach the listeners. Admittedly, one can appreciate adequate usage of all the public speaking skills in his speech and  can effortlessly learn several ways  to be an impressive speaker like him.

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