How is humour helpful for effective communication skills

How is humour helpful for effective communication skills

What is humour?

Simply defined, it is the quality of being amusing or comic. Talking about its significance in communication skills, it plays the role of a catalyst in carrying conversations forward. In public places, we often witness individuals who struggle to communicate with others despite being at high positions professionally.

However, most people usually get comfortable during similar situations when humour is introduced in the room. Not only does it break the ice and put people at ease but also extinguishes awkward situations.

An introvert or a diffident person would definitely get along with other people if one of the individuals present there has a good humour. Moreover, people tend to be more expressive as well as receptive to new ideas once they have shared a good laugh together.
In fact humour facilitates in making a person get his point across with less effort and verbiage. Another important role of humour in improvement of communication skills is learning. During a class, if the teacher has a bright humour, he/she is able to connect instantly with his/her students and vice versa. We can vouch this from our own experiences that we tend to interact better in the class of a more humourous English teacher than a serious one. Humour basically helps people to come out of their shell and inevitably breaks barriers between people.

Thus, humour is an integral aspect of communication skills which makes people comfortable swiftly and talk efficiently. Therefore, it should necessarily be a part of communication skills lessons and utilized to bring the best out of people.

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