What is women empowerment?

What is women empowerment?

What is women empowerment?

This question still remains unanswered in several parts of India and other countries. In simple words, women empowerment is the process of giving women more rights than they presently enjoy.

Empowerment not only allows women to equally participate in political issues but also in the economic sphere. In India, empowerment is definitely not on the backseat anymore, awareness about women rights have spread by leaps and bounds. Moreover, owing to efforts made by governmental organizations and various renowned personalities, the female of modern India stands equal to the male.

Admittedly, ladies are now able to access the opportunities available to them without any restrictions such as education, profession and lifestyle.

Take Indian politics for instance, now eligible females equally represent different regions or sections of the society. Likewise, the Indian film industry comprises of actresses who earn equal to or even more than male actors unlike the last century.
Clearly, actors are now paid solely on the basis of their skills rather than their gender. These are the few changes that can be witnessed in the era of development in our country.

However, there are still few regions across the globe where the women have not received this privilege. One common occurrence that can be witnessed in developing countries is that the daughters are restricted from their own land on the sole basis of gender.

Also, based on statistics, as of 2017, the global average of women who hold low and single house parliament positions is 23.6%. These figures indicate the truth at ground level.

Although we have come a long way, we need to take more steps to empower women. Infact, women must themselves be the torchbearer and make a place for themselves in every sector.

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