How Debate Helps in Communication Skill Development

How Debate Helps in Communication Skill Development

Language is said to be one of the best creations of human beings because without it, we would have been crippled in the matter of getting our messages across. But only learning the language is not enough. A person needs to acquire the skill of communication so that the multiple meanings don’t create any ambiguity while conversing.
It is already well-known that a slight change in the pronunciation, phrasing and a lot of other factors can change the message drastically. And when it is combined with the mother-tongue effect, communication is bound to get affected.
As a solution for this, people take up various activities and practices. Some even enrol themselves in communication skills training classes, coaching and training centres. And one such activity is ‘Debates’.

Here’s how Debate helps in developing the communication skills:

• Quick thinking: While practising, you don’t have to come up with words and ideas as quickly as in a debate. So, while debating, your mind gets trained to not only quickly think words and arguments but also frame the ideas in proper words and phrases.

• New words and phrases: When debating you need a variety of words and phrases to convey your message. At the same time, you get to listen to bunch of new words and phrases too. All these enrich your communication skills very much.

• Pronunciation and intonation: When we are only reading or talking, we can pronounce words at our own leisurely pace. Even your wrong pronunciations are not always profound enough to be noticed. But while debating, the pronunciation, accent, intonations and a lot of other things matter. This, in turn, makes the debate participants achieve more perfection in their communication skills.

To get all these and a number of other factors, the benefit can be availed only if you get tutelage from an experienced and expert teacher. And that’s exactly why, it is strongly recommended that you join ConverseE+ if you are looking for the best Spoken English classes in Gurgaon. We also have branch which is the best coaching institute for IELTS in Kolkata.

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