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Converse E+
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Communication Skills training of the homemakers in Vapi (Gujarat) (1)
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Converse E+
Converse E+
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Communication Skills training of the homemakers in Vapi (Gujarat) 2
synergy 4

Our Events

Seminar : K. K. College Of Engineering & Management ( Dhanbad )

On 25/11/2019 the Operations Head of Converse E+, Mr. Shantanu Dutta, addressed nearly 100 students and few faculty of the K K Engineering College in Dhanbad in a seminar organised by Converse E+....Read More »

Secure Meters : Corporate Training

Secure Meters was the first company to introduce electronic energy meters in India in the late eighties. Sustained accuracy, high quality and features that helped revenue protection were a hallmark of the products from Secure Meters.....Read More »

Secure Meters : Corporate Training ( Udaipur )

In the month of August, 3days training session was held at the corporate office of Secure Meters in Gurgaon with the motive of enhancing communication skills. After this successful session at the corporate office, Converse E+ was approached.....Read More »

Synergy 1

SYNERGY 1, the much awaited jamboree and the first ever of its kind,was organised by Converse E+ institute on 21 st July 2019. Mrs Paromita Dutta, the Founder and a dedicated mentor of this renowned training organisation.....Read More »

Rejuvenate : Workshop in Taj City centre ( Gurgaon )

REJUVENATE On 7th November Converse E+ conducted a rekindling workshop for the would-be managers of the opulent Taj City Centre hotel, Gurgaon. It was a two hours session and comprised of 12 trainees. The session constituted of various interesting ......Read More »

Synergy 2

25 th of August, a sultry and oppressive day it was. In midst of the morning the event SYNERGY 2 was scheduled. The second session was meticulously planned to be dedicated to the diligent, ingenuous and the very first learners of this training organisation-Ms Ritu Saxena and Ms Kavitha Singh.....Read More »

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300 students and cities Kolkata, Gurgaon, Dhanbad, use Converse E+. .

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IELTS MODEL ESSAY FOR 7 BAND SCORE Should parents be obliged to immunise their children against childhood diseases? Or do individuals have the right to choose not to immunise their children? Getting infants vaccinated is an integral part of the life. Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits of getting the child immunised as it help them to fight many fatal diseases. However, there are also arguments against this viewpoint whether they should be treated under these vaccinations or not. In the paragraphs below, I will be shedding light on my notion. To begin with, it is evident that if a child has been given medication after birth it brings them various benefits as their weak immune system helps them to cope with some contagious infections. Apart from that the cost of getting them immunised is way far cheaper than dealing with the health issues which they can catch being an unvaccinated offspring. On the flip side, there are many parents who feel that they have a right to choose whether to get their children treated or not. This thought is totally unreasonable as there are only negatives of not being treated with these medicines. If a child does nit receive proper medication at a required age group it can lead to plenty of health issues. For instance,there can be problems like physical or mental disability and even more. In the recent survey, it was mentioned that 60% of the children from a poor families have too many health issues as of not being immunised as it costs an arm and a leg to them. To recapitulate, government should take some steps to bring an awareness among an uneducated parents like by advertising on a social platform or by arranging free camps in hospital or in schools, instead of imposing them to follow this activity. Understating the importance and advantages of these prevention are most vital for a long term growth of babies and nation as well.

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IELTS MODEL LETTER FOR 7 BAND SCORE You are due to start a new job next week but you will not be able to because you have some problems. Write a letter to your new employer. In your letter -explain your situation -describe your problems -tell him/her when you can start. Dear Sir, I hope you are doing well. I am really thankful to you for giving me an opportunity to work as a Senior Manager in your firm. My date of joining is around the corner. To my utter dismay, I won’t be able to begin the job on the same date due to my father‘s illness. Last week, we have got to know that he is suffering from a stomach disease and needs to be operated urgently. Being a single child to my parents, I have to look after my Dad’s health for few days. If it is possible, I would want to start my work with your organization by the first week of next month ie. 5th September, Monday. I am really regretful for this situation, however If possible please allow me for the same so that I can concentrate on my work after my joining. I beseech you to look into this matter and will be awaiting your revert. Yours Faithfully _________________

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IELTS letter model answer for 7 band score

You would like to buy some electrical goods at a shop in a nearby town. Write a letter to the... read more

IELTS Essay model answer for 7 band score

Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. They believe that this is not only better for their... read more

IELTS Essay model answer for 7 band score

The development of tourism contributes to English becoming the most prominent language in the world. Some people think that... read more

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